Ben Gibbard can't save The Postal Service and I'm not sure that we can either. Let's talk about voting, accessibility, and wondering when mail will arrive.
On almost losing a loved one, processing, & the new Hayley Williams album, Flowers For Vases.
Some thoughts on trying to shift my mood through color + the psychology of it and rediscovering Reliant K
"then I think we'd see the beauty then, we'd stand staring in awe." on the psychology of nostalgia, music introductions and bright eyes.
on growing out of the spaces I've left, change, and a new tattoo.
I'm not too sure but I think it's still here. on finding stillness, tattoos & identity.
"and it's taking me to somewhere new." On my Tumblr origins, getting into photography and the first band I ever saw live, Mayday Parade.
On revisiting old interests while letting go of embarrassment and my favorite band in 2011 + 2012, Sleeping With Sirens.
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